President Gordon Lawley committee_thumb_GORDIE
Chairperson Mark Wells committee_thumb_MARK
Treasurer & Secretary Leueen Lawley committee_thumb_LEUEEN
Events Secretary Will Minta  committee_thumb_WILL
Photographer Scott Lawley committee_thumb_SCOTT
Committee Member Ian Spence committee_thumb_LOGO
Committee Member Micky Wilding committee_thumb_MICKEY
Committee Member Nick Woodhouse committee_thumb_NICK


2 Responses to Committee

  1. Eric Clarke says:

    Hi I just wondered when you will have the dates for the 2018 Long Mynd 2-day trial? We run a group trial on the 2nd Sunday in August and always seem to clash with yours, so we would like to move/ensure that we don’t clash with you in future. Also, I would like a chance to ride in your event!
    Many thanks. Eric Clarke ( 07879690766

  2. Scott Lawley says:

    Hi Eric

    Sorry for the delay in coming back to you, comments are only occasionally look at through the website.

    The Long Mynd road trial will be on the 11th and 12th August in 2018.



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